Samurai Al-model
Build Your Own Armour

Al-model was created in order to fulfill your desire to build your own armour -one that you have always dreamed of having. All the pieces are 100% handcrafted with an elaborate finish by our professional armourer. The amour is made easy to assemble - simply follow the guidance given in order to construct the full armour set that is life-size and wearable!

Al-model Kit
(Primally made of light aluminum)
Each piece is handcrafted using authentic methods such as they were made back in the Age of Civil Wars. The traditional hammer was used to fortify each piece, giving them an increased durability. They are preliminarily base coated and you may customize freely with any colours, lacquer, hot stamping or anything else that you desire in order to make a one of a kind piece of armour.

Armour building takes an average of one year in total. We will follow your desired pace to complete each step to delivery of our items - you can vary the time as you wish! The Advanced lectures online will let you challenge your skills so you may become a certified amourer by Al-model.

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