(Primarily made of light aluminum)
Each piece is handcrafted using authentic methods, such as they were made back in the Age of Civil Wars. The traditional hammer was used to fortify each piece, giving them an increased durability. They are preliminarily base coated and you may customize freely with any colours, lacquer, hot stamping or anything else that you desire in order to make a one of a kind piece of armour.

Easy Steps with Videos
Along with the guidance we offer with the pieces of armour, we have videos demonstrating how such armour is constructed. You can build them at your own pace using these videos as guidance.

Perfect for Field Action
Our full armours are made in 3 sizes, semi made to order armour.
Taking advantage of the lightness of aluminum, you can last for a very long time during battle in the armour without becoming fatigued.
Aluminium is easier to work with when compared with iron. As you are already an armorer at heart, work on this armour as you wish and challenge yourself with creativity, using your skills to make a great Samurai Armour like never before!

Benefits from Aluminium
These suits of armour are easy to maintain, unlike iron that can easily become rusty over time. They are light and can be transported easily - they can easily be put in the suitcase also! Your ability to travel over long distances will not be hindered with this armour.



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