Build Your Own - Basic Kit
(one full armour set for one person with essential materials)
Small (~160cm) ¥145,000
Medium(~170cm) ¥150,000
Large(~180cm) ¥160,000

Option set
Bevor - ¥22,000
Cuisse - ¥30,000
Display pole - ¥15,000

Constructed Armour
(Armourer will build and put up the entire armour)
General - basic kit + ¥100,000
Member - basic kit + SAVE 5% - 30%

Customized Kit
(available for Constructed Armour only)
・Adjust size for a better fit
・Cuirass and helmet designs
■ Contact us to get estimate

Fully Customized Armour
Order your desired suit of armour from your favorite history, film, anime character or even be your own designer!
■ Contact us for more information


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