Tōseigusoku is the generic term for armour used during the Age of Civil Wars in Japan. The history of such armour started in Yamato/Nara, Yamashiro/Kyoto. During this period, the knowledge of Samurai commanders was applied, and in so doing, they themselves could repair the armour. By the time of the Battle of Sekigahara, even Shogun Ieyasu is known to repair his armour by himself.

After that, a feudal lord would employ a private armourer, and together, they would create many original unique pieces of armour, one after the other.

We are truly happy to share this wonderful dream of authentic armour with all of you out there.

Shindou Atsuta


・Armour construction, repairing, researching, studying, preservation and advising
・Member of Japan Armers Trooper (日本甲冑武者隊)
・Seminar and workshop of history and Japanese armour
・Lecture and events for children and adults of armour making
・Exchange knowledge with fellow armourers in Japan


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